Physical Access

Your Key to Seamless Physical and Digital Access

Empower your workforce and enhance security with a universal biometric card.


Future-Proof Your Security with Biometric Access Control

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Biometric Fortification

Add a layer of biometric authentication to your smart security keys, enhancing your defence against unauthorized access.

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Unified Access Card

Replace multiple keys and access cards with a single, secure biometric card for all entry points.

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Privacy Centric

Secure in-card biometric template verification for user authentication.

Revolutionize your access control with Multi-Pass Pro — combining convenience, enhanced biometric security, and global interoperability in one smart biometric card.

Discover the Perks of Multi-Pass Biometric Access

Biometric Authentication

Enhance security with a biometric smart card.

Global Access

Provide access to all enterprise resources with a single card.

Seamless Integration

Deploy Multi-Pass with your existing access control systems.

Fraud Prevention

Deter unauthorized use of misplaced or stolen cards with biometric security.

Easy Enrollment & Recovery

Streamline your onboarding and recovery processes.

One Card to Access All Your Resources

Securely access all enterprise resources, such as physical entry points, workstations, VPNs, and web applications with the Multi-Pass Pro biometric authentication card.

Workstation Logins

Web Services & Apps

Remote Work Access

Physical Access

Custom & Legacy

Start your journey to zero-trust security

Put Multi-Pass in the hands of your customers and workforce and take the first step towards building your zero-trust architecture.

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