Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Definition

KZero Staff
Oct 19, 2023

TCP, or transmission control protocol, is a standard communication protocol that delivers data and messages through networks. It is a critical component of the modern-day internet as many applications use it, such as web browsers, email, and file sharing.

How Does TCP Work

For TCP to work, a connection must be established between two hosts, which involves changing protocol messages to agree on the parameters of the link, including the size of the data packs that will be used. Then, TCP will split the data into small packets and send them over a network. The small packets are numbered to be reassembled correctly at the destination host. TCP also can ensure that data is accurately transmitted since it will request a lost or corrupted packet to be resent.

Examples of TCP

Below are examples of TCP in action:

  • File sharing: Sharing files with another computer uses TCP to connect to another computer through a file-sharing application.
  • Email: To send an email, your client will use TCP to connect to the email server and send the message.
  • Web browsing: Web browsers use TCP to connect to the web server and download web pages.
  • Media streaming: TCP establishes a connection to the media server and then streams the media over the link.

Advantages of TCP

As noted, TCP is a critical component of the modern-day internet, and that is for various reasons:

  • Reliable: TCP is reliable because it guarantees that the receiver will receive all the data sent by the sender.
  • Error detection: Various mechanisms are used by TCP to detect errors in data, and if an error occurs, the data is retransmitted.
  • Segmentation and reassembly: TCP separates Large data streams into smaller segments, easily transmitted over a network.

Overall, TCP is reliable and versatile, which is essential for the many applications that use it for a smooth operation across various internet activities.

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