Sidejacking Definition

KZero Staff
Oct 18, 2023

Sidejacking is a cyberattack where the attacker gains unauthorized access to their victim’s web session by intercepting it and taking advantage of their credentials. Sidejacking is also called cookie hijacking and is similar to Main-in-the-Middle attacks. Sidejacking attacks aim to steal session cookies from their victims, which are used to identify a user on a website and use that stolen information to impersonate the victim and access the victim’s account on that particular website.

How Sidejacking Works

Sidejacking attacks can be carried out in various forms.

  • Packet sniffing: This technique allows an attacker to observe all network traffic that passes through a particular network segment. Packet sniffing allows an attacker to identify the session cookies that the victim is using easily.
  • Phishing: This method works when an attacker sends the victim an email that appears to be legitimate but contains a link that will direct the victim to a fraudulent website to steal login credentials, which the attacker will use.
  • Session fixation: This method works when the victim is deceived into logging into a website using a specific session ID. The attacker will use that session ID to impersonate the victim.

How to Prevent Sidejacking Attacks

There are several steps users can take to avoid falling victim to sidejacking attacks.

  • Software updates: Updates are critical in preventing most cybersecurity attacks. As annoying as it may be to keep your software up to date, it is one of the most essential steps in not falling victim to a cyber attack.
  • Secure connections: Avoid using non-secure connections and use HTTPS when accessing websites. HTTPS is critical in maintaining cybersecurity because it encrypts network traffic, which makes it more difficult for attackers to steal session cookies.
  • Keep your guard up: As noted, phishing attacks are one of many techniques used for sidejacking attacks, and that’s why it is essential to avoid suspicious websites, links, and emails.
KZero Staff

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