SAML Handshake Definition

KZero Staff
Oct 18, 2023

A SAML handshake is the process happening between the Identity provider and the Service provider who exchange their messages using the SAML framework. The SAML handshake usually is designed to authorize a user to access a certain service or network and therefore has an authentication purpose.

Here are the steps that are usually involved in a SAML handshake:

  1. The user sends a request to the Service Provider in order to authenticate and access a specific service
  2. The Service Provider communicates with the Identity Provider through a SAML authentication request
  3. The Identity provider grants access to the user by sending a SAML response with the identity of the user and the level of authorization that is granted
  4. The Identity Provider responds to the Service Provider using SAML messaging
  5. The Service Provider finally verifies that response and gets back to the user by granting access and authentication

The term “handshake” here indicates the exchange between the Identity Provider and the Service Provider who work together to grant access to the user. This is considered to be a secure authentication method because there is a trusted authority involved that grants access to users for their authentication process.

KZero Staff

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