MDR Definition

KZero Staff
Aug 08, 2023

MDR stands for “Managed Detection & Response.” It is a cybersecurity service – typically outsourced to a third party – that helps organizations detect and respond to cyber threats more effectively. Think about it this way: an MDR is like having a team of expert defenders continuously monitoring and protecting your computer systems from potential attacks.

When an organization signs up for an MDR service, they are entrusting a specialized team to safeguard their most important digital assets. This team employs advanced tools and technologies to monitor the organization’s network and endpoints around the clock. They analyze the data for any signs of suspicious or malicious activities, such as unusual network traffic or attempts to access sensitive data. Often, smaller organizations don’t have the resources to build this functionality in-house, which makes MDR services an appealing option. 

Similar to how a physical security company like ADT will monitor your home or business and alert the authorities if they detect a security issue, if the MDR team detects a threat, they respond quickly to contain and mitigate the attack.

They will typically work closely with the organization’s IT team to investigate the incident, understand the extent of the problem, and take appropriate actions to prevent further damage or shut down the attack vector. MDR teams help organizations stay ahead of attacks as they become increasingly prevalent and sophisticated and reduce the risk of data breaches, which, as we know, can save them from significant financial and reputational losses.

KZero Staff

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