ID Ransomware Definition

Howard Poston
Jul 27, 2023
ID Ransomware Definition

What is ID Ransomware?

Ransomware has emerged as one of the most expensive and damaging cybersecurity threats that organizations face. Numerous ransomware groups have developed malware designed to encrypt or steal an organization’s data and demand a ransom to restore access or prevent a breach.

ID Ransomware is a resource designed to help organizations identify the particular ransomware variant that has encrypted or stolen their files. After identifying the malware, the tool provides trusted information about the ransomware, including potential options for remediating the attack.

How Does ID Ransomware Work?

ID Ransomware is a personal project intended to identify the strain of ransomware used to encrypt files. To do so, it invites users to provide one or more of the following:

  • Ransom Note
  • Encrypted Files
  • Attacker email address
  • Attacker cryptocurrency address

Based on this information, ID Ransomware is capable of identifying over 1100 different ransomware variants. Once it has identified the ransomware, it provides reliable information about that particular variant. This can include webpages providing information on the ransomware and whether there is a known solution capable of decrypting files.

Benefits of ID Ransomware

ID Ransomware is a freely available service intended to help victims of ransomware. Some of the benefits that it provides include:

  • Rapid Identification: ID Ransomware enables ransomware victims to identify the particular ransomware variant by providing a file or minimal information. This reduces the time taken to identify the infection and the risk of mistaken identification.
  • Reliable Information: After identifying a ransomware variant, ID Ransomware provides links to additional information about the ransomware variant. This helps victims of ransomware to find reliable information and minimizes the risk of misinformation or malware infections by malicious sites preying on ransomware victims.
  • Privacy Protection: ID Ransomware offers several options for identifying ransomware, including providing the ransom note, encrypted files, or addresses. This protects the user’s privacy because they can select information that doesn’t reveal any personal information.

Other Useful Ransomware Sites

ID Ransomware is a free and reliable source for information on a particular ransomware variant. Some other useful sites for ransomware victims include:

  • No More Ransom: The No More Ransom project is focused on eliminating ransomware by making it unprofitable. It has a library of decryptors for ransomware variants that have been broken or whose private keys have been publicly exposed.
  • VirusTotal and Hybrid Analysis: These and similar sites are designed to determine whether a suspicious file is malware. This can be used to identify ransomware and other threats based on the malicious executable rather than the encrypted files.


ID Ransomware is a freely available site designed to help ransomware victims identify the malware behind an attack and seek out more information about it. While the site is a private project, it has emerged as a highly trusted and well-regarded resource for ransomware information.

ID Ransomware is focused on providing information about ransomware. The No More Ransom Project helps victims decrypt their files (if possible), and sites such as VirusTotal and Hybrid Analysis inspect and provide information about suspected malware.

Howard Poston

Howard Poston is a copywriter, author, and course developer with experience in cybersecurity and blockchain security, cryptography, and malware analysis. He has an MS in Cyber Operations, a decade of experience in cybersecurity, and over five years of experience as a freelance consultant.

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