Data Obfuscation

KZero Staff
Jul 27, 2023

We generally refer to data obfuscation or data masking as the pseudonymisation of data or the possibility of storing user profiling information in a way that makes identification difficult.

Data obfuscation can be static or dynamic, and is a very important technique to make only non-confidential data accessible to third parties, such as suppliers.

Data obfuscation is particularly interesting from a compliance perspective since it ensures both the rights of interested parties and the protection of company business. It also prevents highly sensitive or confidential data from being subject to data breaches or disclosure.

This means that in the event of loss of availability (lost obfuscated data), loss of integrity (corruption of masked data), loss of confidentiality (due to theft, copying or data breach), there would be no consequences either for the business or for the people involved.

KZero Staff

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